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In 1948 Dr. Moustafa Khalidi founded the “National Nursing School,” which is known today as the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Makassed University of Beirut and is one of the oldest nursing schools in Lebanon and the region.

In 1954, Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut placed the school under its umbrella, continuing its development and upgrading it into the “Makassed Higher Institute for Nursing”, under the Decree No. 3485 of October 1986, which enabled it to offer the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and Medical Laboratory Technology.

Although Makassed mission and activities broadened over the decades, its initial commitment to education remains at the center of its core activities. In 2006, Makassed University was established with decree 3585 and the Institute became the “College of Nursing and Health Sciences,” offering in addition to BS degrees in Nursing and Medical Laboratory, Respiratory Therapy (RT) and Medical Radiation Technology (MRT).