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Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

At the beginning of the new academic year, we reflect on past events. No doubt, the academic year 2021 was full of unpleasant events that added up to the COVID epidemic. However, we operated remotely year 2021 also and are ready to kick off the new one 2022. In the midst of the uncertainty that prevails in the country in general and the healthcare system in specific, the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences significantly adapted and gained experience and strength.

This was not a regular year; the world is plagued by a global pandemic, COVID-19, causing uncertainty at all levels and compromising health care systems with repercussions that will persist for years to come. Moreover, Lebanon is in the middle of a financial crisis along with protests against corruption and political upheavals. In addition to the importance of excelling and maintaining the quality of education services, it was a major concern and challenge for us that each of our students graduates properly and embarks on a promising career.

What made us so proud during the past few difficult months is the ability to model faith and wisdom, leadership and resilience for our future generation of nurses. We worked together to ensure that nothing, even closure of classes and physical separation, would prevent us from providing quality, first-rate education. Resources for faculty and students were created to make sure adequate technology and tools are available to start the new year. Our faculty members relentlessly gathered and brainstormed to find the best ways to adapt their courses to the new opportunities and challenges presented by online learning.

As a new academic year has started, I could not be prouder of our academic and administrative team; and how we have made it through unprecedented and challenging times in the history of our country. We wholeheartedly welcome the first-year undergraduate class, and continue to improve ways to fulfill our mission, educate students and advance education services. A new year brings hopes for better opportunities and possibilities to bring about a world with health for all.

Led by an experienced and highly qualified faculty, students will gain knowledge through up-to-date and evidence-based curricula. Moreover, they will receive hands-on experience and develop critical thinking through relevant technology, laboratory simulations, clinical experiences and fieldwork. Our hospital facilities will also allow them to learn while collaborating with leaders in nursing and patient care.

We continue to improve the academic credentials and competencies of students, and our graduates successfully pass the Colloquium exams securing jobs in the local, regional and international healthcare markets. Our graduates remain among the very best in the country making us proud wherever they go.

This is an exciting time in the life of our College as we incorporate opportunities and challenges facing higher education. I am deeply grateful for all faculty and staff for their contributions and extraordinary dedication to our students; I am honored to be a part of such a remarkable team and I am eager to get on with 2021-22 academic year.

Prof. Sawsan H. Ezzeddine