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BS Nursing Program

In the complex and continuously evolving healthcare field, the role of nurses is one of the most vitals. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program prepares nurse generalists to be competent providers of nursing care. Students are trained to work in acute care as well as meeting the emerging needs for nurses in primary and ambulatory care, and a variety of outpatient settings to promote health and wellness. They are prepared to lead clinical practice with a commitment to social justice for the most vulnerable communities in all settings and across the continuum of healthcare delivery. Students are provided the opportunity to develop competency in the assessment of healthcare needs and in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health within a holistic framework.

The College mission is to provide an innovative and relevant undergraduate nursing program that prepares graduates for roles in their future professional nursing practice and who can effectively respond and contribute to changes in the nursing profession and the healthcare delivery system. The program instills the value of ongoing learning as the healthcare needs of individuals, families and communities are continuously changing.

Program outcomes include:

  1. Graduating competent professional graduates able to meet the rapid changes in the health care system
  2. Preparing graduates to practice in a manner responsive to community needs while maintaining the highest professional and ethical practice standards
  3. Promoting and maintaining continuous cooperation and collaboration with local, regional and international health care organizations.