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BS Respiratory Therapy Program

Respiratory Therapists are healthcare specialists who work with a variety of patients suffering from cardiopulmonary disorders. With technological and scientific advances in the healthcare industry, traditional practices of respiratory therapy through on the job training are no more accepted as an educational pathway for the respiratory therapist (RT). As part of the healthcare team, Respiratory Therapists assist in the evaluation, treatment, management and rehabilitation of respiratory and cardiopulmonary disorders. They learn to care for and treat patients ranging from premature infants to the elderly.

Candidates are mentored to maintain the highest practice and ethical standards, appraise lifelong learning by participating in and conducting research to promote evidence based practice. Respiratory Therapists can work in diverse practice settings such as hospitals, diagnostic labs, clinics and home care.

Graduates will be able to:

  1. Provide cardio-pulmonary care in compliance with professional standards, codes of ethics and practice setting policies and procedures
  2. Use preventive measures to promote a culture of patient and employee health and safety within a range of practice settings
  3. Establish and maintain therapeutic relationships and communicate in a culturally sensitive manner with diverse patients and their families
  4. Collaborate with patients and members of the inter-professional health care team to optimize cardio-pulmonary health and well-being
  5. Assess and interpret relevant diagnostic and patient data when treating patients with a range of cardio-pulmonary conditions
  6. Assist physicians in diagnosis, management and treatment of patients affected by cardiopulmonary disorders
  7. Demonstrate basic competencies in various care settings (i.e., acute care, homecare, rehabilitation centers, and long-term centers)