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M.S Nursing Administration Program

Scientific and technological advancements have created complexity in the field of nursing and raised the need for advanced educational preparation.  To keep pace with this tremendous progress and to meet changing healthcare needs, specialization and research became essential for the practice of advanced nursing. We believe that nursing requires prompt updating of knowledge and skills to offer quality services and maintain collaboration with other health professionals. The curriculum is based on a foundation of advanced core courses and essential nursing knowledge. The program allows development of sound clinical judgment and ethical decision-making ability and stimulates intellectual curiosity.

Nurses are prepared to take leadership positions as practitioners, consultants, counselors, administrators and researchers in different settings while meeting healthcare priorities and social changing needs.

At the end of the M.S, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply concepts, theories and principles of nursing science
  2. Demonstrate competencies in nursing practice
  3. Establish collaborative relationship with members of other disciplines
  4. Assume leadership in various care settings.
  5. Participate in health planning, implementation and evaluation at different levels of the healthcare system
  6. Function as effective nurse educators and nurse managers
  7. Conduct independent nursing research and utilize the research findings in nursing practice and education
  8. Demonstrate interest and positive attitude in continuing education for personal and professional growth