College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the undergraduate programs must submit the following documents:

1. The College application form

2. A copy of the Official Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II Certificate for the BS Program

(A copy of the Official Lebanese Grade 9 Certificate for BP Program)

3. A transcript of academic grades

4. A recommendation letter of good conduct from the last educational institution attended

5. A photocopy of ID or Passport (for non-Lebanese students)

6. A police record

7. 3 passport-size photographs

8. A health clearance certificate issued by a specialized physician

9. An application fee of 100,000LL is required upon submission

(Application fee 20,000LL + entrance exam = 80,000LL)

Applicants to the graduate program must submit the following documents:

1. Authenticated copy of the B.S. Degree

2. Official transcript

3. Three letters of recommendation

All Applicants are expected to sit for an entrance exam and a personal interview to verify their suitability for the health profession they want to pursue.

All applications for the fall semester will be accepted from the beginning of July of each year until the end of August.