College of Nursing and Health Sciences

The Mission:

In accordance with the philosophy and mission of its mother Association, the Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association, the Makassed College of Nursing and Health Sciences believes that quality health care is a basic human right that should be equally accessible to all citizens and in all regions of the country. It seeks to achieve the highest standards in the teaching and practice of nursing and the other health care professions.

The Vision:

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences is:

  1. A leading academic institution that provides quality education at both professional and academic levels.
  2. A center for the preparation of nursing and health manpower for the national and regional health market.
  3. A model academic institution for the development and implementation of in service and rehabilitation programs for nurses of all categories and other health care professionals at the national level.

Hence, the college has committed itself to:

  1. Promote the nursing as well as other health care professions in the community.
  2. Provide the highest standard of professional education by qualified faculty and administrative staff.
  3. Prepare leaders able to deal with role changes in emerging health care systems.
  4. Exercise quality control over academic programs and develop a credentialing system for that purpose.
  5. Graduate health care manpower with an advanced level of professionalism to meet the needs of health care institutions in Lebanon and the Region.