College of Nursing and Health Sciences


The Makassed College of Nursing and Health Sciences was established due to leading efforts of Dr. Mustafa Khalidi in 1948, founder of the National Nursing School. In 1954, the Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association embraced this school which continued to develop until it became the “Makassed Higher Institute of Nursing” after the decree number 3485 issued on 15 October 1986. It soon became one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Lebanon to offer the Bachelor Degree in Nursing. The Makassed University was established following the decree number 3585 on 7 August 2000 and the Nursing Institute was the first of its applied science institutes to hold this academic status. On 23 February 2006, a decree number 16404 was issued to certify the institute to offer two more programs: Respiratory Therapy and Medical Radiation Technology, and the Institute became the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.